Problems with Erections (Erectile Dysfunction) ED)
Other terms: Impotence


In the US, more than 20 million men have experienced erecticle dysfunction. In most cases, ED can be successfully treated; however, less than 5% of these 20 million men ever seek treatment!


There are two types of erectile dysfunction, Primary and Secondary. Primary Erectile Dysfunction refers to never achieving or sustaining an erection satisfactorily for sexual intercourse. This group comprises less than 10% of the men who experience ED.


Secondary ED refers to previously being able to achieve satisfying sexual intercourse. It is a persistent or recurrent inability to obtain or maintain an erection long enough to complete intercourse the majority of the time. Most men have erectile problems from time to time, but when it happens frequently, treatment should be sought.


ED should always be evaluated by a physician before sex therapy, since there may be an underling medical condition. Some of the physical problems that can increase the risk of ED are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, hormonal imbalance, prostate problems and certain drugs, especially blood pressure medication and anti-psychotic drugs that can cause ED as a side effect.


Some of the psychological issues that can cause ED are: performance anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, traumatic early sexual experiences, a religious belief that sex as a sin, anger towards women and fear of getting a woman pregnant.


ED is not just a man's problem, it is a couple's problem. Both partners can be adversely affected by communication becoming strained or breaking down entirely and distancing the couple emotionally. His partner may think he no longer loves or finds her attractive. However, it is far more likely that the man is overly concerned with pleasing her. Over a period of time this can turn into "performance anxiety" and set up a cycle of anxiety and fear of failure. Sex therapy can help break this cycle for men with or without partners.


About Viagra and Other Herbal Products


Men frequently assume that once they use Viagra, or similar products, and have reliable erections again, that all the difficulties in their relationship will disappear.


Viagra, penile injection therapy or vacuum erection devices can restore physical erections, but, they do not resolve non-sex related problems in the relationship. Once the ability to have erections is restored, other issues still present for the man and/or his partner might need to be addressed. In fact, sometimes, a return to sexual functioning may create new problems, which, can best be resolved with sex therapy while continuing to use a Viagra-type product.





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